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Every day, elected leaders make decisions that will have a profound and lasting impact on every company in the auto care industry and the jobs we support. From access to telematics data to environmental and labor regulations, policies debated in Washington, D.C. have a direct impact on the way you do business. The Auto Care Association's Political Action Committee (ACPAC) provides our members with an easy, powerful way to get personally involved in the political process.

ACPAC is the only bipartisan fund that seeks to elect and re-elect officials who work to advance, promote and preserve a vibrant auto care industry.

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Why Members Support ACPAC

"I contribute to ACPAC to ensure long-term viability and success of our business and our industry. The Auto Care Association provides outstanding support with federal, state and local governments. My ACPAC contribution supports their efforts and ensures our voice is heard."

- Mike Boyer, President, tascosalesreps

"ACPAC is our voice within the halls of government and to the power politics that shape our industry in this country. No single person or company could fortify against the clear and evolving dangers we face. You can lose your business overnight, whether to OEM's anti-competitive agenda, crippling trade and tax policy, or obstructive and competition defeating-technological initiatives. ACPAC has our seat at the table and the resources to speak forcefully on our behalf."

- Brian S. Cohn, President, Multi Parts

"Competitive industries far outspend us in Washington DC lobbing against us. We must come together as an industry and support ACPAC to protect our interests and have our voices heard."

- Cliff Hovis, President, Hovis Auto & Truck Supply

"I support ACPAC because it provides the most efficient means to get involved in the political process on issues important to our industry, from blocking onerous laws to securing advantageous legislative and regulatory changes, Auto Care is making a real difference for Hopkins and our customers. ACPAC ensures our continued livelihood and the health of our company, customers and the industry."

- Brad Kraft, President and CEO, Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation

"I donate annually to ACPAC because I want to invest in the future of this industry and ensure that we are well-represented on important issues that could disrupt how we do business. I plan on having a long career in the auto care industry and it is critical that we have a voice in the electoral process. ACPAC is our voice."

- Danielle Sonnefeld, Account Executive, N.A. Williams

"In the political and regulatory environment that we live in, the auto care industry requires outstanding representation. Those initiating and making our laws need to be aware of the economic reality of the auto and truck aftermarket industries. We keep America running and employ millions of people (aka VOTERS) throughout the supply chain. Our efforts through ACPAC give us a voice in Washington D.C."

- John R. Washbish, President and CEO, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, Inc.

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