ACPAC Online Prior Approval​​​​​​​​​​

                What Does This Do?

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I hereby authorize, on behalf of my firm, the Auto Care Political Action Committee (ACPAC) the prior approval necessary to share information about its activities and solicit voluntary, personal contributions during the calendar years indicated. I certify that my company is a current member of the Auto Care Association and that my company has not and will not authorize any other trade association to solicit political contributions for federal candidates from our “Restricted Class” (executive and administrative personnel). Further, I understand that approval to solicit does not in any way obligate me or my employees to contribute to ACPAC.

We firmly believe that you know your company best, so we will always work with you on when and how to communicate with your eligible employees.

Please feel free to reach out to Hailey Ray, ACPAC director, at or 240-333-1076, if you have any questoins.


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